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Our Company

We are One Reimer Advantage.
We think differently about freight

By matching the right carrier with the right conveyance at the right point in a shipment’s journey, we craft the best possible solution for our client’s unique needs. We call our approach Asset Intelligence.

Our commitment begins by challenging how both we and the industry think. And this runs through everything we do. We seek to push beyond traditional solutions and find a better way to solve our clients’ challenges, serving each other better in the process.

We are always looking past the limits and capacities of any single transport provider and are always curious to find new doors to push open and new ways of service delivery.

Ultimately everything we do is dedicated to client-centered solutions. We start with the clients’ needs and the solutions we create revolve around solving their challenges, not only ours.

That’s One Reimer Advantage. That’s Asset Intelligence.


What gets us excited each morning is the opportunity to find a better way. We resist compromise and challenge the traditional boundaries in our industry that continue to ensure yesterday’s results. We are building a better way.


From self-driving trucks to the sharing economy to near-shoring, the world of transportation is changing rapidly. And it isn’t waiting for anyone.

We believe this new world demands an entrepreneurial spirit, rigorous and rapid thinking, and an attitude that challenges boundaries at every turn.

Those who embrace this new world will find better solutions for its problems. Those that don’t will get left behind.


We drive value by putting the client at the center and crafting solutions around their unique needs.

We deliver on this promise in three ways:

  1. We think differently about freight – most other solutions are pre-built and then the client is fit into it. We do it the other way around.
  2. We have a wide variety of top-in-class assets available across Canada.
  3. We are committed to doing what’s right for our client every time. No matter what.

We call this proven approach Asset Intelligence.